Bathroom Update!

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So the incubator is gone now. I bleached the bathroom with a enviro friendly hydrogen peroxide bleach.


Uhhhm *cough cough* WARNING: When using hydrogen peroxide bleach, beware of open cut on end of your finger?


Okay, we’re good now? Yup, okay, you’re not going to do what I do and end up with the end of your finger fizzing?


So I washed the floor, the counters, the bathtub, the sink the toilet. It felt really good.


Incubator OUT—-Cleanliness IN!


Except now we’ve got this issue again, but with the dehydrator! In a period of two days I got given a whole lot of green onions and parsley from a green-thumbed 75+ swiss neighbour and cases of mango went on sale. Being the crazy lady I am I bought 3 cases, aka 36 mangos. Also there is a case of mangos in my Mom’s cool room that she’ll probably forget about and I’ll end up dealing with!

So while it’s totally fantastic because Cowboy loves dried mango and this is sulphite and sugar free, my bathroom is yet again taken over.¬†And he eats most of it the second it comes out of the dehydrator. So does Emilie. It’s a little ridiculous.


P.S. It’s totally fantastic also, how in the picture you can see me wearing black and it looks like I’m wearing a cute dress or outfit of somesort.

(Sporting a lovely Slegg lumber work shirt of Cowboy’s and his uber comfy bamboo boxers. I just got up, give me a break here.)


So I just thought I needed to point this all out, how I am my own worst nightmare.

(trays waiting to have more mango on them)


Just a second, I’ll be right back, my 2 year old thinks he needs a tampon in.

So I only have 8 mangos left to do

But all’s well in our house and I’m slowly working away at it.


In also good news, our washing machine is working again! Yaaay! I’ve been using our landlords while they are away. Our dryer also isn’t working which sucks, but there is a laundry line.


Alls well Charlie Brown!


xoxo Kate

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  1. love, love, love. PLEASE the next time you find rockin’ green can you please buy me two bags of it? Actually, i’m just looking online now and I might order some. Which detergent do you use? Classic rock? Hard rock? Soft rock? this is hilarious . . . . but seriously?

    stop putting all of these dehydrating ideas into Em ‘bee’s’ head – I can’t keep up!

    Love you xox

    1. I’m pretty sure Mom has an excess of Rockin’ Green right now, otherwise the best deal is to buy 6 bags, as the shipping is the same upto 6 bags for Canada. We use Classic Rock, Anna uses Hard Rock because she has hard water. If you have soft water…Soft Rock!

      Em and I are picking cherries this week and we’re going to dehydrate and can most of them!

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