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My Thursday “Shopping Spree”

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Today I went and did my weekly grocery shopping, and went to the thrift store. To say I was excited to go would be an understatement. The thrift store was closed for two weeks and I couldn’t go for a week before that. I’d been dyyyyiiiing to do some crafty projects that I needed supplies for! We don’t really have a craft store here, so you make do with what you can find at the thrift store until you go off island.

Here is a small anecdote to let you know just how much I wanted to go to the thrift store today:

Cowboy calls on his lunch break everyday. We talk for 1-2 minutes about our morning, what I’m doing in the afternoon, who’s milking the cow and whether he should meet me at home, or at my moms, if he’s going to yoga that night, etc. He called today and after saying hello, the first words out of his mouth were: “So how was the thrift store this morning” “SO GREAT” was my answer! 🙂

First of all, I had some farm stand finds

Purple and Green Brussel Sprouts from Northend Farm. I was hoping to find some broccoli, darn!

Carrots, potatoes, kale and parsnips from Bonacres. I spent a total of $12.50

Here is a bonus kale picture

He helped me, of course!

Then I went to the grocery store where I spent $37.34

There wasn’t any too spectcular sales, and I wanted to buy a minimum of things. Then I got there and organic 8 oz bags of cranberries were on for $.99 each, normally $4.98!

So I bought 7. Along with grapeseed oil, celery, parsley, green onions and butter. Also I bought a 12 case of soda water which isn’t in the picture. That’s my treat, which I drink with fresh lemon, or homemade fruit cordial.

The GASP moment of the day yesterday was when Cowboy asked when I was going to the grocery store.

I said tomorrow

He said great, you can get some chocolate milk mix

I said ummm, actually we’re cutting the grocery budget this month and not buying anything frivolous, which that would fall under.

He said ok

In my head I was like WHHHHAAAT?!??!!? He never goes without chocolate milk mix, I expected him to fight that it was neccessary. He loves to have a glass of chocolate milk when he gets home from work.

I said how about I make some chocolate milk mix

He agreed.

(He’s never agreed the multiple times I”ve offered.)

So I made it, we liked it, and I’ll never buy chocolate milk mix again.


(When I get the proportions right I’ll share, it’s really just cocoa and sugar with milk)

From there I went to the thrift store where I may have spent more than I ever ever have there.

$18.25! I know, so nuts. I bought 3x $2 mens t-shirts to make into more reusable produce bags. Turns out I’m so good at minimizing clutter that we only had 3 unused t-shirts in our house. Whoops! I bought a VHS for Cowboy, cause he said he’d love to watch that one with Mac, and SHAZZAM. There it was at the thrift store. A couple metres of lace trim, a bunch of bags of wool ranging from $1.50-$2.50, knitting needles and another item that isn’t in the picture, because it’s a wedding present for my sister. She said all she wanted for a present was my presence (it’s a long drive and expensive trip). I decided since she was such an avid thriftstore go-er I’d start collecting neat (but useful) things for her, to make a fun, hodgepodge present. She’ll appreciate it, I know!

To top off the day, I checked the mail and what was there but the books I’d ordered! So exciting!

I NEVER buy new books, they all come from the recycling depot free store or the thrift store. Or my Mom. Recently I’ve had two really heavy emotional trials. The first time, I bought The Commonsense Kitchen and 5 spices, 50 dishes. It was my retail therapy, which has been well adored and used.

When it happened again, which we never thought it would, I decided I deserved another two books, and promptly ordered these two! The Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.

I can’t WAIT to get my to-do list done so I get start reading!!!


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