Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

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Well we’re back at Monday again, and I’ve got my menu plan ready! Do you have yours? I always do mine on Saturday or Sunday.

I’m busy this week! I’m subbing at a preschool the next two weeks two mornings a week for 4 1/2 hours. Also, on Thursday night an out of town friend arrives and we go into Victoria the next day. So I’ve got a few days of wanting simple dinners to keep it easy for ourselves! Two of the days, I’ll chuck the meal in the crock pot so it’s ready when we get home!


For Breakfast,

We’ll have oatmeal, pancakes and the odd bowl of cereal.

For Lunch

We’ll have leftovers or soup

We like to snack on

Smoothies, popcorn, dried fruit, raw fruit and vegetables, roasted nuts and peanut butter! (And cookies, which I’m REALLY trying to cut back on!)

For our main meal of the day, Dinner, We’re having…



Venison Falafel with homemade pita, chutney, yogurt dip and raw veggies. This is bumped from last week, as the night I was going to make it, that morning I looked in the fridge and it had too many leftovers! So I skipped it and we ate those.

Tuesday (Kate working the morning)

Venison and parsnip stew.


Ham, Scalloped Potatoes with roast brussel sprouts

(Get bread from Freezer)

Thursday (Kate working morning again!)

Ham, eggs, toast and home canned peaches

(Make pea soup)

Friday  (Kate Off island helping a friend move)

Pea Soup

Saturday (In-laws possibly here?)

Coffee Crusted BBQ backstrap with roast potatoes and roast vegetables





Soooo…what’s on the menu for you this week?

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