Menu Plan Monday

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Can you believe I’m back and menu planning!? I have been sort of planning meals for the past week or two, but for 2 months before that I couldn’t think farther into the future than what I would eat in an hour. Needless to say my husband did a lot of his own cooking…

It’s VERY exciting that our “Tuesday Market” has started up again because it’s only farmers and food producers, unlike the Saturday market that has all sorts of vendors. Two weeks ago I got salad greens, spinach for smoothies, strawberries, asparagus, dill and cilantro. I may have gone over my budget in groceries so much that I had $20 left for last weeks groceries. Luckily I also overbought most things too so I only had to pick up some new potatoes and organic grapes, as well as later in the week we picked up strawberries from a local farm.

For Breakfast…

I’ve got some pancake batter (I always make too much so we can eat a pancakes a few times in a week), spinach that needs to be used so we’ll have pancakes as well as toast. Yum.

For Lunch…

Leftovers leftovers leftovers!

For Dinner…

Monday: Out at a friends house, they don’t eat much meat but do enjoy farm raised so my contribution is a roasting chicken we’re going to cook there.

Tuesday: Porcupine Balls . I’ll make them with venison though. I’ve got Dinner: A Love Story’s new cookbook and all I can say is go buy it. Right now. It’s a novel and a cookbook all in one which is my favourite kind. I read 2/3 of it in one evening, got up the next morning, made Mac and I breakfast and parked myself on the couch to finish it. (Cowboy was home so I wasn’t totally neglecting Mac, I promise!)

Wednesday: BBQ Venison backstrap w/ bbq new potatoes and salad. We eat soooo many salads at this time of year when the local salad greens are primo.

Thursday: Pasta Carbonara w/ leftover steak. I made carbonara once two years ago, then made it again last week and we don’t know why we haven’t been eating it more often!

Friday-Sunday: We’re camping with my sister and her family and we haven’t figured out what we’re bringing yet. The men will be fishing so there will be trout for dinner, and I think fire baked potatoes, bacon, pb+J sandwiches all sound like good bets. We’re going to make a round of jerky, muffins and cookies to bring as well.


So it’s you’re turn! What’s on your plate? Give me ideas for next week’s meal plan please!

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I read a review of Dinner: A Love Story on another blog the other day, and now I think I need to go buy it 🙂
    I’m making pork and pineapple fried rice tonight… that’s as far as I’ve gotten!

    1. It’s a definite buy! I’ve loved their blog for awhile and was very excited when my copy came in the mail! Your dinner sounds DELISH! I’ve wanted to try something like that for a while, but we don’t really eat pork with such a bounty of venison, chicken and fish in our freezer.

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