Farm Fresh Fridays- Bounty within the Homestead

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farm fresh friday

The other day I was walking around outside at my Moms house. The boys were playing, My sister was there with her girls and I couldn’t help but take pictures and soak in the beauty of the day. I’m drawn to food, it’s who I am. Looking at the photos as I uploaded them, I couldn’t help but notice this huge bounty that could be had right at my Moms house.

Garlic grown in the garden. Mom was taking off excess paper to put it in the turkey brine. My Stepdad raised turkeys this year for the second time. We were blessed with a close to 35 pound turkey for Thanksgiving dinner!


I take it for granted that herbs grow outside year round, but it’s another blessing to have fresh rosemary available for my roast potatoes!


Molly and I were learning about growing calendula, as we enjoy using it in salves. How silly of us that it was actually growing right under our noses at my Moms house! Must pick and dry that to infuse in olive oil!


I have sentimental attachment to these flowers…they were planted for my wedding! I wanted Dahlias EVERYWHERE. Then it was a cold spring and they didn’t grow in time. Instead, when they come up every year we have a laugh about us trying to grow flowers for my wedding.


My Mom saved her own pepper seeds last year and grew them from seeds! (Tomatoes too!) So fun to see the full circle that way.


Ahhh…yes….GMO free eggs. I feel like a rogue egg eater having these in my possesion. I feel wealthy with a dozen of these.


More of the lovely wedding Dinner Plate Dahlias.


Here is an example of Curse becomes blessing. Triplets were born to a sheep this spring and Mom left them all on. Well, one just became a stunted runt, so we cooked it over a fire for a fun evening of fellowship with friends and family. We’ve since discussed taking off a triplet should it happen next year and raising it on cows milk since we have abundance of that!


Apples! Waiting for sauce! I don’t know what I’d do if I had to buy applesauce…just doesn’t compare.


This whole farming thing…we may never be rich…we may not sleep in due to cows…but we sure eat like Kings!


Writing a post like this is therapeutic. How can I not look back on these photos, and feel uplifted?

What blessings do you see within your home or homestead?

2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Fridays- Bounty within the Homestead

    1. Thanks Wendy! I wrote this a few days ago…and yesterday was a rough day on the homestead including a cow with mastitis! So this morning to re read this was quite therapeutic again. My grumpy mood of last night is gone.

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