You don’t have to do it all.

It’s easy to look at all we do for cooking, farming and do-it-yourselfing and be overwhelmed. Honestly? If I was looking at this 4 years ago I would have laughed! What’s this crazy family doing I would have said! But we didn’t start like this, it’s been a long time coming, starting 12 years ago, before I’d even met my husband. (Keep in mind I’m just shy of my 20th birthday now). My Mom had a garden, but not a veggie garden, and with her help we started some large pots of veggies on our porch. Cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, easy … Continue reading You don’t have to do it all.

Going Away

Tomorrow I’m going away to my sisters wedding and not getting home until the middle of next week. Cowboy can’t come, he’s got to work, so it’s just Mac and I. I’ve got a few scheduled posts to share, but posting will be light! You might have noticed I didn’t post a menu plan, that’s because we’re just eating up what we have to from the fridge. There won’t be one next week either, because I don’t get back until next week. Instead, it’s just other fun posts and recipes. Here is a few photos of Cowboy and Mac hammering … Continue reading Going Away

14 days of honouring my Valentine.

I’ve never done very much for Valentines day with Cowboy. Last year I had a teleconference for school at 7pm on Valentines day, so I made deep fried fish and chips, which went over SO well, seeing as I’d never made them before and he was so excited.   This year, for the first 14 days of February, I’m going to do a little something for Cowboy. I’m going to share my plan, because I know he doesn’t read this blog. He rarely gets on the computer, and I know he’s not even a fan of Venison for Dinner of … Continue reading 14 days of honouring my Valentine.

How my January Went

I told you at the beginning of the month how I was challenging myself. Instead of $140 a week for groceries for the 4 of us, I was giving myself just $70. Well, how did I do? Pretty fantastic, considering that I even had $50 left after my last grocery shop earlier this week! Also, 2 weeks out of this month we have an extra male in our house, consuming lots of food. That being said, the reason I have $50 left, is he went grocery shopping with me this week and insisted he paid for groceries. I only had … Continue reading How my January Went

Menu Plan…Sunday?

I’m sharing early this week, as I had it ready early and have so many other recipes I want to share with you next week!   For Breakfast We usually have oatmeal, toast, the odd bowl of cereal or pancakes. For Lunch We have leftovers! Sometimes soup too. Dinner is our main meal, and this is what I’ve planned… I’m REALLY trying to use up little bits from our freezer and an (F) means it’s something from the freezer, (C) means it’s something I’ve canned. Monday Potstickers (F), Rice and crispy broiled green beans (C) (Make extra rice for Wednesday) … Continue reading Menu Plan…Sunday?

Christmas at our House!

Well we had a very merry Christmas around here, because Cowboy had 3 days off, we spent a BUNCH of time with my Mom, Stepdad and Stepdad’s Dad, and my other cousins as well. That is what makes the season for us. To satisfy Gingersnap though, here are some pictures that Cowboy took Christmas morning! Well, I took one of them. (the one of him of course!) Cowboy made this logging truck for Mac. He said he always wanted one when he was little, (his dad is in the logging industry, specifically a tree faller) and was very jealous of Mac. … Continue reading Christmas at our House!

Menu Plan Monday!

I’m very adament about having menu plans…it’s part of me keeping my house running with less effort. I would be a mess if I didn’t know, at least roughly what we were having for dinner. As we have meat every night, and it’s always from our stash of hunted and homegrown meat in the freezer, it has to be thawed in advance. This Week: Monday December 26th, to Sunday, January 1st. Breakfasts: We alternate between oatmeal, yogurt and granola, buckwheat pancakes, toast with peanut butter and jam and rarely we have cereal. Lunches: Lunches for us are leftovers or soup. I almost … Continue reading Menu Plan Monday!

Lucky to be Home.

Many friends are home with their babes because they have a year Maternity leave, because they wouldn’t make enough to pay childcare and bring home a wage, or because their Husband insists that stay home with the children. I am so Blessed to be able to stay home with Mac. I am so Lucky to be the one taking care of him everyday. I am so fortunate to have a supportive Husband who makes a wage good enough to support us. By no means are we rolling in it, but we’re young, who is at this age?! I am so … Continue reading Lucky to be Home.

An Ode to Canning Jars

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujar! I use canning jars for everything. Pint jars, Quart Jars, Half-pints, small mouth, wide mouths. Even the teeny weeny 1/4 pint ones! And Salmon jars. Homemade Ketchup, while yummy on meats, it does not replace ketchup, but is very good roasted or baked on meats! This is in a fancy half pint, knickname being ‘Jam Jar’. This has a strong allspice taste, as I accidently poured a leettle bit too much in! I use jars for more than just canning. I like to keep baking supplies in jars so that I don’t have 5 gajillion different bags, … Continue reading An Ode to Canning Jars

Can you do something for me today?

Can you go into your container drawer, cutlery/utensil drawer, toy box, or closet and find TEN THINGS that never get used or worn. This could be a tshirt that has so many stains it would be better off ripped up for rags. Or a lid to a container that has gone AWOL. You have 3 spatulas? Do you use that many? Do you have a favourite and the rest could go? Do you need 5 sippy cups for your one child? I got rid of two this morning. They leaked and we never used then. What about pants? Could you … Continue reading Can you do something for me today?

I made a mistake…

Apparently in my post, Heaven, it sounds like I don’t know my brother-in-law to be!   I do! I know him very well. I know that he’s French Canadian and has a last name that sounds like “Goat Cheese”, if you say if just right! But don’t tell him I said that. I know that he likes the following Chevy Diesels Horses Hunting Fishing Eating seafood Digging seafood at a horrible time of night when it’s an appropriate low tide and he’s on vacation visiting us. (I went digging too, it was something like 1 am when there was a … Continue reading I made a mistake…

My Son was born in a Kiddie Pool

Say Whaaat? My son was proudly born at home, in water. The suggested birth tub by our midwife is a kiddie pool that our local home hardware stocks specifically for this! Apparently an actual birth tub is bigger and a hot water tank can’t always fill it. Also, a birthing tub costs $150+, where as ours was $40! And we got a sweet pool our of the deal. When it came time to decide where our son would be born, I said HOSPITAL! Our hospital has a birthing tub, and was 15 minutes away from home, we felt good about … Continue reading My Son was born in a Kiddie Pool