Miscellany- November 6th

Popping in quick to ask you a couple questions as well as tell you a few things! 1) First and foremost, The Miracle Baby is One year old today! Hurray for Hamish, we are so happy he’s happy, healthy and ONE! Everyone is always commenting on how much he smiles, because he is a cheerful baby. We had a fun little Halloween get together last weekend and celebrated his birthday then.     2) What do you want to see on Venison for Dinner? I asked it over on Facebook, but I’ll ask it here too. I’m working on a list … Continue reading Miscellany- November 6th

A few photos of Summer.

        This summer was a hectic in some and calming in others one. We spent a lot of time in doctors offices because of my pregnancy, but also spent a lot of time just hanging out as we didn’t have any other commitments. My sister was due at the beginning of September, so we had my niece Amy quite a bit. Here is Mac and then Amy, on the trampoline at their place. Mac loves his second cousin, McKinley. This is in the summer at the beach, but we went to visit McKinley and her Mom two … Continue reading A few photos of Summer.