Spilled Milk-A life lesson

Everyone tells you, Don’t cry over spilled milk And you laugh, because it’s funny, and why would you cry over a bit of spilled milk.     And then it happens. Picture this on a dark and stormy night in 2008 It’s dark out, you’re with your then boyfriend heading to milk the cow. It’s late, you were late getting to it, and it’s really dark. Which sucks for milking, by the way. Before you know it, you’re into it, finally enjoying it, and the 14 litre stainless steel bucket is ringing with the squirts of warm, steaming milk. Before … Continue reading Spilled Milk-A life lesson

Teach ’em young

My Poppa (Maternal Grandfather) has short term memory loss. He’s always in pain. Doesn’t remember a new person. Doesn’t remember to put on clean clothes. (But my Dad says he never did before anyways!) But…he is the only one who can tell my three sisters and I apart on the phone, first try When Cowboy and I told him and my Grandma I was pregnant,(and 16) he got up right away, gave me a big hug, and said, “Well you know we’ll be behind you 100% of the way”. Isn’t that crazy how a man who has forgotten the social … Continue reading Teach ’em young

Happy Valentines Day!

While trying to find a picture that someone represented Valentines day, or Love, all I found was pictures of teeny ¬†fish we never actually ate, Four great-grand children laying together   A cute little Squirrel   My Stepdad and I milking, with Poppa holding the kicker rope. We don’t usually have a kicker rope, but she had a sore udder and thought it was a fantastic idea to kick the bucket on a regular basis. The kicker rope gets pulled tight around their abdomen, in front of the udder, right tight in the hip socket. For some reason, this helps. … Continue reading Happy Valentines Day!