Yesterday’s Valentine

Just a quick pop in to show you what I did yesterday as a part of “Honouring my Valentine” Heart shaped Rice Krispie Squares! Cowboy LOVED them, he said they were so tasty, and they are a ‘reminds him of childhood’ treat. I don’t make them much so he really appreciated it.   The heart cutter cost me 89 cents at the kitchen store! It’s a sturdy metal one that will last me years and years.   You could fancy them up with red icing or sprinkles, but I didn’t have any and didn’t want to buy some just for … Continue reading Yesterday’s Valentine

14 days of honouring my Valentine.

I’ve never done very much for Valentines day with Cowboy. Last year I had a teleconference for school at 7pm on Valentines day, so I made deep fried fish and chips, which went over SO well, seeing as I’d never made them before and he was so excited.   This year, for the first 14 days of February, I’m going to do a little something for Cowboy. I’m going to share my plan, because I know he doesn’t read this blog. He rarely gets on the computer, and I know he’s not even a fan of Venison for Dinner of … Continue reading 14 days of honouring my Valentine.