Photo Dump

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I wanted to share a few photos that don’t really do into any other post, so here is a post of just photos. Sorry if you wanted a recipe today!


Mac with his paternal Grandpa Mack and Baboushka. (He says Baba-goose-tah) They visited us for a day. We see them every 6 months or so, they live far away.



Poppa in the snow

Mac always says “Cheese” when you say smile

Little monkey ears

The second we bail, Mac jumps up to say cheese for Cowboy waiting with the camera

Hey! A picture of just me! How rare!

Cowboy and Mac

JD being silly. He had just flipped over in his wheelchair (which almost never happens, it happened at our wedding for the first time, after he’d been in a wheelchair a year already). After we got him up I realized I should have taken a picture! He just laughed and said he wouldn’t repeat it.


JD came to visit us on Tuesday, and is here until Saturday, he had to do a couple things in Victoria and thought he would visit and escape the snow of Northern BC for a few days. Little did he know we’d get snowed in here! (We can’t get out of our driveway) Mac is LOVING having JD here, and is always getting up onto his lap while he’s on the couch with books to be read to him.



Have a great day and give your family some extra love. The more you give the more you get!

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  1. You made me say Oh,Oh out lout and start weeping with your picture of Mairn and story of sister #4. Thank you for a very nice blog. I have my seeds and am slowly getting ready to start planting early ones.

    1. Yes I was crying while writing it…a very emotional subject in our family! Thank-you so much for checking it out! I haven’t started planting any yet, just about to put thought into it.

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