A few photos of Summer.

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This summer was a hectic in some and calming in others one. We spent a lot of time in doctors offices because of my pregnancy, but also spent a lot of time just hanging out as we didn’t have any other commitments. My sister was due at the beginning of September, so we had my niece Amy quite a bit.

Here is Mac and then Amy, on the trampoline at their place.



Mac loves his second cousin, McKinley. This is in the summer at the beach, but we went to visit McKinley and her Mom two days before Hamish was born and she was starting to walk! They grow up so fast.



Amy’s Mommy, Molly and her husband, Jered moved Sept 1st, and I provided the ‘crew’ of us with quesadillas. It then sent Cowboy onto a quesadilla streak and he ate them everyday at work for lunch for about 3 weeks.


Cowboy (left) and Jered (Right) sighting in their crossbows for hunting season.



We went camping in my grandparents orchard (the orchard pictured above) as a camping trip farther away wasn’t possible.


I canned, froze and made fruit leather out of peaches.



We picked blackberries by the gallon, and these two just ate sour ones! We actually got blackberry wine made by the UBrew place too! My stepdad got 2 batches of wine and one of port made. Thats a lot of berries! (30 bottles per batch and 30 lbs berries for wine, 45 for port)







Sometimes I was on bedrest after a procedure and we watched a lot of movies…




As well as my Husband having to pick up a lot of slack…The morning kitchen fairy strikes again!



My little boy, got his first big boy boo boo



And lost a toe nail after slamming a rowboat oar down on it.




All the while my belly got bigger…and bigger…




Will give you another round of pictures tomorrow 🙂


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