Kate’s Iced Tea

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Marius says I make THEE BEST Iced Tea. And since he’s the Man of The House, what he says is Law, and therefore, he’s gotta be right, right? 😉 Think homemade snapple and you’ve got yourself a good idea of what this will be like. Except it’s all real food and we can pronounce every ingredient!



Here it is guys…remember it’s very adaptable. Lower or raise the honey. Use a different sweetener. Use different tea. Remember this is a formula! Not an exact recipe. Make it your own!

Because of the honey, lemon and sea salt, this is an excellent electrolyte. Marius brings 1-2 qts most hot days to keep himself properly hydrated while working outside.

In a 2 qt canning jar (or other heat safe container) put;
-2 fruity tea bags (celestial seasonings country peach passion is our fave)
-1 bag black, green or mint tea

Pour in boiling water upto the 1 qt mark. Give a little stir. Let sit 10 min, then take tea bags out.

Stir in;
-2 tbsp lemon juice
-1/4 c honey (no honey for babies!!)
-2 fat pinches sea salt.

Now! If you want to drink cold within just a few min, fill the remainder of the jar with ice. Or, fill the jar with cold water and put in the fridge until it’s ready to drink! To serve, I drink as is, whereas other family members like more ice. And I’m just saying if you felt so inclined… Some spiced rum would not be bad.

Some favourite combos of ours are Peach+Black Tea, Wild Raspberry Hibiscus+Mint, Blueberry+Green Tea…the combos are endless, browse the tea aisle and have fun with it.



3 thoughts on “Kate’s Iced Tea

  1. This tea is an absolute delight!! Our whole family really enjoys it and it is an extra bonus for helping after working in the heat.

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