Wild Mushroom Seasoning Salt

Marius is an avid mushroom hunter, who has turned the boys into mushroom hunters as well. The problem is, he’s kinda the only one who likes to eat them. So whats a family with a plethora of dehydrated wild mushrooms supposed to do? Well, we make mushroom salt, of course!

We use this in place of seasoning salt on the vast majority of our cooking. Its my love language, my baby, my one true love for seasoning food.

If you don’t pick and dry your own mushrooms, you’ve got a couple options. You could buy some flavourful mushrooms at the store and dry them on low in your oven. You could buy already dried mushrooms too. Some are very expensive, but at costco I saw them for a really great price a while back.

How do we use it? Well. On everything? Liberally? In all seriousness, our favourite is to use it to season meat before cooking, or on potatoes. Or on vegetables to be roasted? Season a soup? I can’t decide how I like it best. It’s half salt half seasonings, so when seasoning your food, use double what you would use if you were using just salt and you should be dandy.


Wild Mushroom Seasoning Salt 

Makes approx a pint jar worth

1/3 c powdered dried mushrooms. (powder in coffee grinder or high speed blender. This is about a pint jar of dried mushrooms)

3 tbsp dried thyme

2 tbsp red pepper flakes1 tbsp black pepper

3 tbsp dried onion powder

1 tbsp dried garlic powder

2/3 c good salt (sea salt, himalayan pink salt, redmond real salt, you choose)

Measure ingredients into a bowl or quart jar. Stir/shake until well combined. Now use it liberally!


2 thoughts on “Wild Mushroom Seasoning Salt

  1. Quick question: is that 2 tbsp red pepper flakes *or* 1 tbsp black pepper, or should the black pepper be the next line down, so include both?
    I keep just powdered shiitake mushrooms on hand to add umami to all sorts of stuff, so I’d love to try out this recipe.

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