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Boathouse Summers- Friends, Family and Food at Juniper Point

Friend- I’ve dreamed of writing a cookbook for years. Quite frankly the process of writing a full length cookbook is overwhelming, so I thought I’d try an ebook first. I hope you enjoy this collection of summer recipes, with stories of my childhood intertwined.

This 39 page ebook, including 14 never seen elsewhere recipes and 4 stories I’ve never shared of my childhood is sure to inspire you to get in the kitchen this summer (and beyond!)

When people think of Venison for Dinner, they think of real food, straightforward recipes that easily become family favourites and this ebook does not disappoint!

With professionally shot photos, styled by Kate’s sister Anna, its a joy to flip through with rich photos bursting with life.

“Kate this is truly beautiful! But I didn’t expect anything less from you!” – Stephanie H

With recipes like Mac’s Foccacia Bread, Wild Mint Iced Tea and a Plant Based Salad Bar, your family will have a new rotation of Venison for Dinner favourites to add to your real food repertoire.

“The photography is beautiful, each recipe sounds incredibly delicious, and as someone who also grew up on the beach I loved the intro’s.  Well done, Kate! So excited to dive into these recipes” -Shaundy

Nothing gets me more excited than someone has made my recipe and made it their own. I’m not offended when people tweak recipes, I am honoured. I hope you take these recipes; so many of which are formulas for you to follow and make them your own.

All but one recipe is naturally gluten free (Mac’s Foccacia bread being the exception) and every recipe is easily made dairy free. I want everyone in your crew to enjoy these recipes!

“This is stunning! The recipe format is fantastic! I can’t wait to print it!” -Melissa

I hope you make Orange Creamsicles for your kids and stash a batch of Pasta Salad Gotta Lotta in the fridge for easy lunches. I picture you serving guests your guests Oven Fries 2.0 and blending up a batch of Karens Basil Balsamic to last you the week. 

“Absolutely beautiful!!! And I love the stories. You and your mom are fantastic writers. I grew up at my grandparents beach property as well. Thank you for sharing and bringing back very fond memories.” -Stephanie P

More than anything, I hope you cook from it. Cook real food! Cook for your friends! Cook for your family!

Feeding your family real food, every day? I want it to be as simple as possible for you. THIS is the new revolution. So go ahead, be a rebel- Cook Real Food, From Scratch.

“I already know what I’m making first!” – Monika

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