4 Reasons Why Playing Music Helps You and the Cow

I know, I know, I’m out to lunch, aren’t I? I started playing music while I milked the cow a couple months ago. I’ll admit, I’m a music junkie, I listen to music all day long. It’s the first thing I do when I get up, is turn on music! So it seemed like a natural progression. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there were more benefits to this.  1) It’s said that cows will produce more milk when you play music. This Farm says that their cows produce upto a pint and a half of … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Playing Music Helps You and the Cow

Farm Fresh Fridays- Red’s first week

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll know that last week we had a new calf! We’ve been eagerly awaiting Wilderness calving and we were ecstatic to find a calf bouncing around one morning! Hurray for easy calvings! Wilderness was Artifically Inseminated (AI’d) in January and it was an effortless process. Lord knows we needed that after having to eat our last milking cow.  She was bred to a Red Angus as we knew we wouldn’t want a replacement heifer (baby girl calf we would raise for another milking cow) but instead would want a calf we could eat. … Continue reading Farm Fresh Fridays- Red’s first week

Why We Ate Our Milk Cow

Now many of you aren’t going to like this. I’m writing it for those who are in the position I was last summer. I wish I had read something like this, and that’s why I’m putting this out there! From August 2011-June 2012 we tried breeding our milking cow. She had multiple calves before this one, but we sure had troubles. She had a miscarriage, as well as just not taking through AI (Artificial Insemination). P’Lady was a small cow and couldn’t be bred to anything but a Jersey, due to hybrid vigor. (Sometimes a cross breed will end up … Continue reading Why We Ate Our Milk Cow

Teach ’em young

My Poppa (Maternal Grandfather) has short term memory loss. He’s always in pain. Doesn’t remember a new person. Doesn’t remember to put on clean clothes. (But my Dad says he never did before anyways!) But…he is the only one who can tell my three sisters and I apart on the phone, first try When Cowboy and I told him and my Grandma I was pregnant,(and 16) he got up right away, gave me a big hug, and said, “Well you know we’ll be behind you 100% of the way”. Isn’t that crazy how a man who has forgotten the social … Continue reading Teach ’em young