Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

Instant Pots have a magical keep warm setting that means you can make your mashed potatoes hourssss in advance and they’ll be perfect when you’re ready to serve them. No last minute mashing, struggling for oven space or worse- cold mashed potatoes. I do these for just every day dinners but this recipe especially shines for holiday meals!


5 lbs washed potatoes

1.5 cups water

Set your instant pot to manual pressure for 10 minutes, set valve to sealing.

When its done, you can do manual release right away, or just forget about it for hours.

When the pressure is released, drain the little bit of water, add 1/2 c of butter and let it melt.

Add 1/2 c milk and approx 2 tsp seasoning salt of choice. Its going to vary a bit in saltiness so make sure to taste them.

I use my wild mushroom seasoning salt-

Mash them well, taste for salt and then put the lid on and let the magical keep warm setting keep it warm for you!

Use extra mashed potatoes to make Potato Salmon cakes!

Potato Salmon Cakes


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