DIY Homemade Yogurt

See how I make yogurt on youtube here, TWO different ways

I’ve had a yogurt maker.

I’ve read complicated instructions.

I’ve tried it with the pilot light in the oven.

It’s safe so say I’ve tried every complicated way of making yogurt, and this method I’m about to share…well for my family it couldn’t be any easier. My wish is that if you’ve been wanting to make yogurt, but are intimidated, or are making yogurt, without consistent results, that you be inspired to try this method.

You need:

Milk—3 litres, whatever toots your fancy, I’d probably stay away from ultra-pasturized. I’ve only ever made this with raw milk, which is apparently harder to do than with pasturized milk, because it still contains some healthy bacteria that wants to fight with the yogurt culture. Because of the higher fat in my raw milk it is thicker than homo milk from the store.

Store-bought, plain yogurt—-3 tbsp, If you don’t currently have any, just buy a little serving sized cup, it will be more than enough. For your next batch, use the yogurt from the previous batch!

Optional—Honey and Vanilla—-6 tbsp honey, 3 tbsp make a beautifully sweetened yogurt



Pot that’s big enough and easy to pour from (My Le Creuset spills everywhere, everytime, but my All-Clad has a lovely lipped rim that makes pouring a cinch.),


3 Quarts jars with lids. (can even just be saran wrap with an elastic if you don’t have any rings and leftover lids. I use lids from previously canned jars that can’t be used for canning again) Or 6 pints jars

Cooler. I couldn’t tell you what size ours is, but it’s gotta be big enough to fit your jars

I’m going to write this out in easy peasy steps for making 3 quarts of yogurt.

1) Heat your milk in the pot, to 185F. Medium heat, whisking every few minutes.

2) Cool your milk to 115F-120F. I usually pour it into a bowl and put it outside, whisking every 10 min or so. In our winters, this takes about an hour to cool, but so many factors change this. You’ll just have to see!

3) Whisk the culture into the milk really well, go up and down, side to side.

4)Pour into your quart jars.

5) Put your jars, into the cooler, and fill with hot tap water, half way up the jars. Our tap water comes out at about 108F, you wouldn’t want anymore than 115F, if you have super hot tap water. Just take the temperature with your thermometer to be sure the first few times.

6) Close the lid on the cooler, and leave it a minimum of 12 hours, preferably 14 or so, but it’s even been forgotten about for 30 hours before.

7) Take it out of the cooler and put it in your fridge.

It’s ready to eat! I love it with granola!

My favourite time to make yogurt, is when I’m done dinner, I put on a pot of milk while I’m puttering around the kitchen anyways. Then it’s ready in the morning when I wake up.

Your optional sweetener…add it when you’re heating the milk up in the first step.

You can make any size batch of yogurt, here is the formula…

1 litre milk needs 1 tbsp yogurt culture and is sweetened with 2 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp vanilla.

Some recipes call for much more culture, but what I’ve learned, is that the culture needs space to grow, so less is more.


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  1. Hi! Don’t have social media, but I really want to get my hands on your dried starter… what’s the best way to contact you? Thanks so much!

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