Homemade Mozzarella

I’ll admit I never make just a gallon worth, its worth your time to make a bigger batch if you have access to good milk! Jersey cow milk will give you a better yield than holstein due to high milk fat and proteins. I get a fat pound from jersey milk, you’ll get a scant pound from holstein or store-bought milk per gallon of milk.

You’re going to need rubber gloves to stretch the cheese.

I made this in a youtube video here-

Homemade Mozzarella

1 gallon/4 litres whole milk (raw or pasteurized, NOT ultra-pasteurized)

1 1/2 tsp citric acid, dissolved in 1/4 c cool water (Find it at the grocery store or online here

1/4 tsp liquid rennet, 300 IMU strength. This is a strong rennet, bought here. Check your bottle of rennet for what the rate of use is per gallon and go with that if it is different than this.

1/3 c salt


Heat milk on medium heat to 55F.

Add citric acid stirring in up and down motions.

Heat milk to 88F, add rennet stirring in same way.

Heat to 100F, turn off heat and move pot off heat.

Allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then scoop the curds out into a strainer overtop of a bowl or pot to catch the whey. Divide into baseball sized chunks.

Meanwhile, Heat up 4 litres of whey with 1/3 c salt until its stinking hot but not boiling then take off heat.

Drop 2 balls of mozzarella into the hot whey and let them sit 30 seconds. This next part is going to be more about feel vs time. Scoop a ball out with a spoon and to do a bit of a reverse bread knead holding the cheese in your gloved hands. The outside will be shiny and the inside will still be curds.

When it won’t stretch, put it back into the hot whey for 30-60 seconds. Bounce back and forth between the two balls.

When all of the ball is no longer curds, you’re going to stretch it! Pull the cheese as far as you can until it starts to break, then fold it in half and stretch again until it starts to break. Then roll it back up into a ball, pop back into the whey. You want a few good stretches like this from each ball, the cheese should be glossy and smooth.

Drop the finished ball into a bowl of ice water or put in the fridge. Ice water will make it keep its shape.

This keep sin the fridge for a few days, or throw it into the freezer. You can freeze it as a ball or you can shred it and freeze that way.


You’ll find it doesn’t behave quite like you are used to with mozzarella, after all, this is a far superior product! But the taste and freshness will be worth it as you learn to adapt how you use it. If it won’t shred well, its either still warm and try popping it in the freezer for a bit. Or I find when a cheese was really well stretched it does shred better. You can always slice rounds and lay those on your pizza or lasagna as that also looks impressive.


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