No Churn,No Cook, Perfect Every time Ice Cream

When you google “Easy Ice Cream” all sorts of recipes come up, but never anything like this. This has to be the most simple ice cream recipe ever, yet finding an actual recipe proved impossible. I saw the idea, and came up with my own recipe IMG_7511

While I love my 7 Minute Soft Serve recipe, it doesn’t keep or freeze well. Granted, you have basically instant ice cream and the following requires some forethought to freeze, but this one keeps delicious in the freezer for weeks! I almost feel stupid giving you a recipe for this, because it goes something like this… Cream, Sugar and Vanilla in mixer. Whip til Stiff. Freeze. Eat. But here I am…putting my heart and soul out here for the sake of good ice cream! The crazy thing is around here…I’m not even sure of the availability of organic ice cream. I do know that any standard 2 qt tub of ice cream will set you back $6-$8 for good creamy vanilla. (edited to add; I did just see pints of organic for $6/each.) One quart of Organic Cream at the store however, is about $6, which becomes more than 2 qts of ice cream. I love the economics on that! IMG_7501

No Churn, No Cook, Perfect Everytime Ice Cream

Makes 2+ qts ice cream

1 litre Cold, Heavy Cream (I skim off the top of our Raw milk, but Heavy Cream from the store would work great!)

3/4 c sugar, preferably organic cane sugar to avoid the sugar beets that are conventional sugar…

1-2 tsp vanilla or the ‘caviar’ of one vanilla bean scraped out

1/2 tsp sea salt

Combine all in a bowl of a stand mixer, or use a bowl with a hand mixer. Whip until stiff, scraping down the sides as needed. Scoop into a container and freeze at least 6 hours. Thats it! Now, you can fold in other ingredients after you’ve whipped it stiff, such as melted chocolate drizzled then folded in, a fruit sauce, caramel sauce…sky is the limit! Now go forth and make good ice cream! IMG_7513


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