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DIY Baileys

Homemade Baileys AKA Irish Coffee Creamer

1 can sweetened condensed milk

Reuse the can as the measuring cup for the following;

1 can Irish Whiskey (Chilled)

1 can Whipping or Half and Half Cream, I use either or.

1 tbsp Cocoa

1 tbsp Instant coffee (Optional, but if you’re going to use this in chocolate milk like Marius enjoys, do add)

Blend all in a blender. Brew yourself a nice rich cup of Fair Trade Organic Coffee and then basterdize it with a heavy splash of this beautiful concoction.


{Stir and Enjoy!}


{Whats the holidays without your husband in his sweatpants playing video games on your phone drinking spiked coffee?!}


4 thoughts on “DIY Baileys

  1. So I made this tonight and it is SO good! I poured it into a jar and stick it in the fridge. Any idea how long it will keep? Thanks again for another delicious recipe!

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