My Mama’s Shortbread Bottom Lemon Squares

Growing up, these were a common dessert, whether it be a potluck or a baby shower, my Mom made these often and I always enjoyed them. Somehow, I never made them myself, but when my oldest was 10, he became … Continue reading My Mama’s Shortbread Bottom Lemon Squares

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Maple Syrup Snow Candy

In our family, we have cold weather traditions. This makes the winter days not quite so long. Really blizzardy day? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! First day below -30C? Maple syrup snow candy! Most recipes I’ve seen call for a cup of maple syrup but I find for 5 kids and two adults (my niece and nephew are usually here for it), half a cup means everyone gets a treat without it being excessive or too expensive. Maple syrup ain’t cheap yo! Continue reading Maple Syrup Snow Candy