Crunchy Balm Giveaway

Guys, I love me some tallow. This may seem odd, or weird, but it’s helped me more than I can express. I’ve been blessed with “Hosie Feet” which are the dryyyy feet of my Dad’s family. Nothing seems to put much of a dent in them, until I discovered putting a homemade tallow balm on them.

What is tallow, you ask? (And who is this crazy lady showing up in my inbox?!) Well, tallow is the rendered fat from a cow. Yes yes yes I realize this sounds weird. But I PROMISE, if you want a deeply nourishing “body butter” for your body, then you need to try tallow. The types of fats and vitamins in tallow are closest to our own fat (directly under the skin) which makes them very absorbable to humans.

I’ve sung from the rooftops about using it on instagram, and showed you there how to make it. The problem is, if you don’t have access to tallow, how are you supposed to make the balm to use? One could say you just need to hunt it down better, but that’s not an option we all have based on our time and resources. I’ve never seen a tallow balm on the market that I trusted or didn’t cost the weeks grocery money.

This is why I’m SO excited that Crunchy Balm is making a Tallow Balm I can stand behind, and it’s available to any one who wants to try it!

Crunchy Balm has numerous uses:

• luxurious face moisturizer
• soothes inflamed skin
• softens cracked heels and hands
• deep lasting moisture
• stretch marks
• noncomedogenic
• chapped skin and lips
• for all skin types

petroleum based ingredients
artificial colors, ingredients or fragrances



Now, you’re going to have to know a couple things about tallow balm before you try it;

  1. It doesn’t instantly absorb into your skin. Emilies is the nicest one I’ve ever tried, going on smoother and absorbing faster than the ones I’ve made! It’ll make you question what they put in store bought ones that make it absorb so quick. 
  2. It’s going to make your feet smoother than a babys bottom…and if your feet are anything like mine, even your husband who doesn’t notice your new glasses will notice that your feet are not the scaly things they used to be.
  3. The ingredients are so clean and well sourced that you could eat it. I mean, it’s going to taste horrible, but you could eat it!
  4. It’s a little spendier than your average drugstore lotion. But! It’s not something you’d slather on your whole body everyday. It’s a deep moisturizing balm that I use sparingly with terrific results.
  5. It’s the best darn baby bum cream you ever did see. You wouldn’t believe how fast rashes and sore bums clear up with a swipe of this.

So guys and gals, onto the terrific part? Head on over to instagram for a very generous giveaway by Emilie!